Why am I For the Kids?

Every child deserves a childhood. I think back on the hours I spent chasing my dogs in the back yard or pushing my brother on the swings, and I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if instead I had spent that time in a hospital room. Children don’t always understand why they are there, and they certainly don’t understand why they are sick when their friends are well. No one understands why some kids are born with such devastating conditions. I think we have a responsibility to give those children the best care possible. To me, that means not only the best medical care but also the best environment. Providing kids with teddy bears or craft time allows them to still feel like a child, not like a miniature adult. Nobody deserves to be sick and spend months of their life in a hospital, but it is especially heartbreaking when it is a child. They have all of this potential, but their future is so uncertain. They deserve to get to grow up, but since we can’t guarantee that, we have to guarantee them the best while they are here.

Why is this a page on my blog?

During my time at Clemson, I was able to participate for 4 years in Clemson Miracle, which is Clemson University’s Dance Marathon.  This is a movement in schools across our nation to fundraise for local CMN hospitals.  My senior year, I served as executive director, and we were able to raise $71,000 for the GHS Children’s Hospital.  Our goal was $62,000, which was a 100% increase from 2015.  People said we were crazy.  Clearly we were because we more than succeeded.  The people I met as part of this endeavor in every way shaped who I am today.  Until there are no sick kids, the movement of Dance Marathon won’t stop, and until there is no more me, my passion and involvement for this movement won’t stop.

Become a miracle maker in a child’s life by donating here!

If you have any questions about Children’s Miracle Network, please take the time to ask.  This is something I have an intense passion for, so I love talking about it!

FTK all ways, always,
Tracy McGee


Clemson University Dance Marathon 2014
Clemson University Dance Marathon 2014

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