A Perfect Fit

“A Perfect Fit” is, simply put, my idea of what is healthy.  You fit perfectly in your skin, and you should maintain that skin to be the best version of you.  However, my definition of wellness follows a psychosocial approach to health.  I believe to truly be happy and healthy you have to keep an eye on your physical, mental, social, and spiritual lifestyle choices.  In my life, all of these elements need to be harmonious for me to truly feel well.

What are these 4 elements?

  1. Your physical lifestyle is the traditional idea of fitness.  This involves the diet you follow and how active you are.  I tend to measure my health primarily by how my body is feeling, but for a concrete measurement I prefer BMI over weight.  (For many, this is that driving desire to be thin; a desire that can become unhealthy.)
  2. Your mental lifestyle is all about your mindset.  Are you in the right state of mind?  If you have a lot of stress in your life and can’t cope with it effectively, this is the area of wellness you need to focus some energy on.  Coping strategies are often something we need to learn, not necessarily something we are born with.
  3. Your social lifestyle is the company you keep.  I do not care how introverted you think you are; nobody can live without some human companionship.  Sometimes, this might mean skipping the gym and eating a pizza with friends.  Your social relationships are important; they affect your mental wellness, too.
  4. Your spiritual lifestyle is your religion.  Regardless of what that religion might be, you need to have your spiritual ducks in a row.  As a Christian, I need to make time to pray and to read the Bible.  I need to go to church.  These are uncompromising aspects of my overall wellness.

As you can see, my construct of being well is a little complicated.  However, having these 4 areas of my life in balance is essential to me feeling well, doing well, and simply being well.  I call this model of health “A Perfect Fit.”

This blog shares my insights into living well, and its focus will often shift depending on my personal needs in a given week.  What started as a physical health journey to achieve a “swimsuit body” quickly evolved for me when I realized how incredibly narrow-minded my view of health was.  I developed this model based off of the wellness needs in my life, and it might not work for everyone.  You’ll never know until you try, though, so if you’ve been struggling to feel well, I invite you to join me on the journey!