Thank You Logan

Does Facebook’s “memories” feature ever really spark something for you?  I don’t even open Facebook most days, but today, there was a notification.  The red circles drive me crazy, so I opened it to get it to go away.  And there it was.

“6 Years Ago” and this photo:


This is Logan, and when I met him 6 years ago, it changed my life.  We snuggled for about an hour as his mom shared their story.  He was a preemie, and he was dealing with lots of complications.  But here he was, fighting, and there she was, doing everything in her powers as a mother to help.

In a moment of humbling realization, I saw how able I was and how little I was doing, and my perspective shifted.  I rewrote my personal goals and committed to creating change.  A commitment I have kept, even if the methods have evolved.

Share your stories.  Listen to the stories of others.  Find the things that set your soul on fire.

Life is too fragile and temporary to hesitate, so take the first step towards creating change.  Then take another and another.  And suddenly you’re doing it – you’re changing the world.

Logan was part of the spark that lit the flame for Clemson Miracle.  This year, they’re trying to raise $250,000 for children in upstate South Carolina who need our help.  You can donate here, but you don’t have to.  Maybe there’s another cause that has been crying out for your help.  Go get it done – no more excuses.

Happy new year everyone!

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