A Perfect Fit

If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.
Kristin Chenoweth

Picking a platform was incredibly difficult for me because I had so many passions to choose from.  For the years, I thought my platform (whenever I ever got around to doing a pageant) would be Autism Speaks.  I have a deep personal connection with Autism.  Autism inspired my career choice.  I have been touched and changed by autism, but something was always a little off.  As personal as knowing someone with Autism is, I ultimately felt like that was their story – not mine.

My next thought was Children’s Miracle Network.  I love CMN, and it’s a cause I spend a lot of time supporting.  I felt I had a more hands-on platform with CMN, but I also felt like I wouldn’t stand out.  Every Miss America contestant has to raise money for CMN, and every contestant knows at least a little about it.  Once again, this platform would never feel like it was mine.

In order for me to feel as though my platform truly belonged to me and was something I had a real say in, I decided to stray away from the organizations I loved being involved in.  I decided to create something that would truly be mine.  I put my values together to create a concept, and from that concept, A Perfect Fit was born.

A Perfect Fit embodies the concept that everyone’s body is just that – the perfect fit for them, but this doesn’t mean we should settle.  Instead, we should love and cherish our bodies by being active and eating well.  In other words, A Perfect Fit believes in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle change.  It does not believe in the size on a dress tag but rather in putting good into our bodies so we can get good out.

The media has changed society’s concept of the “perfect” body with each decade.  With modern photoshop technology, this generation faces models that are airbrushed to be completely flawless.  They appear perfectly thin, faces inhumanly smooth, and never with a hair out of place.  The media portrays women in a way most bodies can’t achieve, which is why I believe every woman should embrace her body as perfect for her.  Every woman should take pride in her body by being physically active and eating well.

Having healthy lifestyles will affect women’s present and future.  Women will feel better physically, and they will have more confidence.  Instead of envying another woman for her body, women will able to appreciate and support each other’s efforts at health.  Every body is a beautiful gift from God that needs to be taken care of.  I want women to feel confident in all aspects of their lives, and it starts with feeling confident in yourself.

So the next time you hear a slogan that tells you to embrace your body as it is or one that tells you to change it, try to simply love it.  Love the skin you are in and your ability to keep it healthy.  Love being active, eating right, and feeling good.  Don’t get caught up in the trends and the fads.  Take your life into your own hands and make it better in a way that works for you!  I believe we can create a healthier nation one person at a time.

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